2. Automated installation of BrewPi

We created scripts to install and update BrewPi, these scripts are part of the brewpi-tools repository on GitHub. The install script will install all dependencies, set up users and permissions, download the latest code base and setup a CRON job. Just answer the questions on the screen.

2.1. Getting and running the install script

You can get the install and update scripts by cloning the BrewPi tools repository from GitHub. The scripts use git to check for self-updates, so keep them inside the repository. You can put the brewpi-tools dir anywhere you like, the instructions here assume the pi user’s home directory.

Use the following commands to clone the repository to the your current user’s home dir and to run the install script:

git clone https://github.com/BrewPi/brewpi-tools.git ~/brewpi-tools
sudo ~/brewpi-tools/install.sh

Now just follow the instructions on the screen. The install script will remove everything in the install directories you pick (after making a backup). So if you want a fresh start, you can always rerun the installer.

2.2. After the install has finished

If the installation was successful, your next step is to program the Arduino via the web interface. You can find the instructions here.

After that, your last step will be to to set up your devices in the device manager.